Your Transition                         Your Way

“The  Deal  of  YOUR  Life !”


 Your great business started with careful navigation. Now you must navigate your legacy with equal skill and empathy.

You have built a successful business! You have put the TIME into your business along with building a

considerable base of KNOWLEDGE to develop the VALUE of your business today.

To extract the Value from your business you will need to apply a new Knowledge

over a fixed period of Time to maximize the results of YOUR business’ transition.

Whether a family succession, a management/employee share option plan (ESOP) or a third-party sale,

this will likely be one of the  most emotional times in your life when you must execute the

“Deal of YOUR Life” !

To succeed at this “Deal”, you will need to smoothly transition

through several emotional decision-making stages

from your business’ preparation to the conclusion of the “Deal”

to the next phase of YOUR life

… your third act, The Platinum Years®.


Let Succession Transition Strategies (STS)©

help you to prepare YOU before you start the empirical process.

Getting the money out of the business is easier;

Getting YOU out of your business will be the challenge!


Our business transition and personal transition programs

guide you through the “head & heart” issues and in using Your Emotional Intelligence

for your Successful Transition Planning.

We will help you to navigate the emotional transition (the “heart” issues) from your business;

and to plan YOUR transition into the next enriching phase of your life.


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Your Transition:

“It’s All About YOU !”©


Succession  Transition  Strategies