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Succession Transition Strategies© is a new company recently launched in 2017 to help small-business (5 -99 employees) owners to succeed with the challenging process of business and personal transition. Our services and programs ensure that these business owners will have the same advantages offered to medium and large organizations while operating within cost-efficient parameters. Our specialty is dealing with the emotive issues of transition and the application of Emotional Intelligence to the entire process.


Arthur Dolan is founder and President of  Succession Transition Strategies (STS)© . Transition Advisor/Facilitator, Strategic Planner, Marketing Consultant, and  Communications Specialist with over 40 years of experience serving privately and publicly held companies. Art is an entrepreneur, experienced in serving a variety of national and multi-national industries including pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, commercial, industrial and consumer brands.


Succession Transition Strategies (STS)©, a division of Dolan Estate Settlement Services Inc.,  offers an umbrella of professional services for private business owners who are contemplating their business exit: to help them with Emotive Preparedness; to Facilitate the overall process; and to build a viable personalized Transition Plan – maximizing the rewards of the “Deal of Their Lifetime” and the benefits for when they exit from their current business to a rewarding new phase of their life. When needed, STS© can recommend Contract Resources to narrow their Wealth Gap.
Our experience includes industry, company, department and personal transitions. Our specialty is dealing with the emotive issues of succession/transition.
As a professional, Art brings objectivity, dignity, empathy and attention-to-detail to confidentially, quickly and efficiently deal with our client’s succession/transition efforts while solving time-sensitive challenges.
Today, through the STS 5-Stages process, we help business owners to focus ON their business through a program of self-appraisal and self-appreciation to expand their business transition beyond the quantifiable realm to a qualitative and emotive level of success in their new journey.
We serve the south-eastern Ontario market from Cobourg to Cornwall earning the trust of our clients. Art successfully completed the Transition Advisor certification with the Successful Transition Planning Institute of Cambridge, MA in 2017.

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Since the addressing of emotive issues is a relatively new field of expertise in every business and personal transition process, we are pleased to be associated with the leaders in this field. The Successful Transition Planning Institute® has its roots with  InnerVisions Associates since 1988, which focused on integrating the human and cultural issues in mergers-and-acquisitions. Founded by Jack Beauregard in 2011, STPI® has focused on helping baby-boomer business owners and executives deal successfully with the challenge of business transitioning.

The Platinum Years SM  programs were developed by the Successful Transition Planning Institute (STPI)®. Co-founded by Jack Beauregard and Paul Cronin in 2015, they take a cognitive approach to the challenge of planning and determining what clients should do with the next third of their lives. Using proven, proprietary methodology and a network of professional advisors, we provide peace-of-mind with easy to use transition planning strategies to help clients successfully answer the “what next?” question.




“I enjoyed the [experience of the STPI] programs. Got my mind and thinking focused. The sessions got me unstuck.  I have been following the plan STPI and I outlined and could not be happier.”

Larry Schwartz
Former Co-owner of a large food distribution company

“[The STS Programs] helped me build a bridge from my former role as a business owner, to my transitional role as a member of the management team of the acquiring business, to my future goal—a productive and successful balance between work I enjoy and a satisfying personal life. I can recommend [STS] without reservation if you are facing challenges and change.”

S. Z. Harris
Founder and Former Owner of a medical reimbursement software company