Business Transition

 STS  can guide you to 

effectively navigate the 

emotional maze

of your business transition!

Your Transition: 

“It’s All About YOU !”©


 Time:       Traditionally, it will require 3 to 5 years for your company to be prepared for a successful transition.   This includes the YOU in your business. Therefore, it is advisable to start with preparing yourself  before you begin with the quantitative business aspects.

Value:       There are 2 values involved in your business — the monetary ($) value and the YOU value. Before you can extract the $ value from  the business, it must be determined how YOU will be extracted from the business. It is very important to get the right help and STS will make sure you have that help.

 Knowledge:   Just as there is much for a new owner to learn about your business, its intricacies,  specializations and strengths, so too a business transition will require YOU to learn many new aspects to effectively complete the process to a successful transition. This will also entail knowing yourself intimately to be prepared for the emotional impact this will have on you and your decision process. You will learn to apply your emotional intelligence effectively.

 Preparedness: It is important to have both YOU and your business prepared to execute your plan for your business exit in order to maximize the value to be extracted as well as to launch yourself into a new phase of life, often referred to as The Platinum Years™. (The golden years were when you made the value in your business. The traditional concept of retirement is no longer valid as life expectancy is so much longer  — about 1/3 of your life.)


At STS©, we have a specialized program, based on experience,

to help get the YOU out of your business. We offer the internationally-acclaimed

Business Transition Program: “Finding Your New Owner”

exclusively for business owners. This program will focus on motivating YOU

through the challenging and emotional transition process.

Our Program will enhance your transition by allowing you to:


 Focus                   on your day-to-day business

Maximize            your business’ value

Define                   your personal outcome goals

Prepare                 both YOU and your company

Actualize             your successful transition !  


We specialize in working with small businesses !


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traditionally succeed in transitioning                                  

due to lack of preparation and planning.

Your plans should address both empirical and emotional

challenges to ensure YOU  transition successfully!


Your Transition:  “It’s All About YOU !”©


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