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Preparedness                   Beat the #1 Challenge

                                               Poor rates (10%) of successful small-business transition 1


Save Time                          Emotional Preparedness will allow you to respond

                                               quickly to market opportunities


Beat the Market              Get ahead of expected surge in company exits

                                               (40% of Small-Medium sized businesses are expected to

                                               seek transition in the next 5 years according

                                               to a September 2017 BDC survey)


Avoid Sales Remorse    YOUR Personal Transition Plan will position YOU positively

                                               (75% of owners suffer “seller’s remorse 1)


Act Enthusiastically     Your Emotional Preparations will give you enthusiasm

                                               to move forward to your new goals


Your Transition:

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1.  Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotiabank Small Business Succession Survey, 2013.